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Read About Dr. Paul Lanier’s Passing

A Change In The Flight Plan


Since the dawn of humanity, man has grappled with it. In times of suffering, one can’t help but ask this simply worded, but vastly complex question:

In seeking answers to this question, we are naturally drawn to the words of those who have suffered immensely, such as Job, the Apostle Paul and even Jesus Christ Himself. As in biblical times, there are many hurting people in our midst today. In this book, we hear from one of them.

Meet Paul Lanier. By his mid-thirties, he had accomplished much and been blessed by God even more. He was saved by his personal faith in Jesus Christ and was happily married to his high school sweetheart. The proud father of three lovely daughters, Paul was enjoying excellent health and had a successful career as an anesthesiologist. He also was an avid hunter, a weight lifter, and a licensed pilot.

But in the prime of his life, Paul’s flight plan was dramatically changed. At age thirty-seven, Paul was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), and nothing would ever be the same.

In this book, you will see how a follower of Jesus Christ relies on God’s Word to overcome his own tragic circumstances. In the process, Paul will both inspire you and show you how to overcome your own trials and suffering.